Fitness And Exercise Packages Customized To Your Needs

You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet. In trying to do so you may be causing more harm than good.

Did you know? Consistent high intense workouts may be counterproductive to weight loss. High-intensity workouts cause an increase in the stress hormone cortisol which has been shown to inhibit weight loss and cause weight gain. Learn to exercise for your body type and don’t stress your adrenals. Hormone regulation is key. Use hormones to your advantage. Learn how and when to exercise to take full advantage of growth hormone, also known to be an anti-aging hormone. Exercise in a way that increases insulin sensitivity. Learn how to exercise to not only burn calories but to increase metabolism even at rest.

Fitness Training For:

  • Mitochondria Health at the Cellular Level
  • Balance and Proprioceptor
  • Flexibility
  • Weight Loss

Add Brain Yoga To Your Fitness Routine

It consists of simple movements that connect the right and left brain.