Tips, Tricks, and Tools to Help You Find Success in Your Wellness Goals

As a dietitian, I think outside of the box. If you have tried the traditional recommendations of low calorie, low-fat approach and have struggled to lose your weight or more commonly struggled to maintain your weight loss, then maybe it’s time to try a new approach and think outside the box. I’m here to help you along the way to teach you the body’s mechanisms for burning fat and the effects of food on these mechanisms. Knowledge is power. Sadly we have been given so much false information over the last few decades.

If you haven’t’ found a strategy that works for you, I invite and encourage you to try something new. Think outside the box and give something new a try.

  • Are You Stressed?
  • Are You Having Difficulties Sleeping?
  • Are You Having Trouble Losing Weight? Or Experiencing Weight Gain?
  • Are You Fighting Fatigue or Brain Fog?

These are all symptoms that the proper diet can help improve. There is no magic pill, but the body works like magic when you feed it the right foods at the right time. When you give the body the building blocks provided by nature through whole food supplements, the body has an amazing ability to restore wellness.

Learn How to Be Fat Adaptive and Increase Insulin Sensitivity

In order to be fat adaptive, you must learn how to train your body to utilize and burn fat stores. Hormone regulation is vital in the process. Learn how “when” you eat just as important if not more important than “what” you eat and the effects it has on hormones. Not all calories are created equally. With a nutrition approach that focuses on the impact, food has on hormones. My nutrition recommendations are Paleo-based, implement the Mediterranean diet, and are inspired by “hunter and gatherer” principles.

You cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet. Health and wellness starts at the grocery store, “not the gym.” Beware of processed food at the grocery store or foods disguised as healthy. In my nutrition program, I help you learn and identify what foods are genuinely beneficial, which might surprise you, and how to implement food timing of meals.

Did you know reducing calories decreases your metabolism making it more challenging to maintain weight on reduced calories? Learn what foods to eat so that you can maintain your calorie intake and keep metabolism high and feel “satiated,” a fancy word for full. The secret is the hormonal effect of food combined with food frequency.


Whole Food Nutrition Is Wellness the Way That Nature Intended It

Whole food nutritional supplements have been organically grown without pesticides and herbicides and then harvested and carefully preserved through the freeze-drying process and then put into tablet form. If the body showed a need for vitamin A, a supplement containing high amounts of A such as carrots would be recommended. There are over 200 known nutrients in a carrot and hundreds more unknown. You could go to the grocery store and buy carrots, but you would have to consume mass quantities to have the same effect as whole food tablets, and the commercial carrots would probably be contaminated with pesticides. And with mass quantities, exposure to this harmful substance is not ideal (besides the time it would take to consume a large amount). This is why I LOVE the idea/concept of whole food supplementation..


Using a specially designed questionnaire called the System Survey, symptoms are grouped together and used as an evaluation tool. Single symptoms alone don’t provide much helpful information, but a pattern of symptoms can help identify underlying health imbalances. We can customize a whole food supplementation program specific to your body’s needs using this information and nutrition exam. With a bit of help from Mother Nature and the nutrients from whole food, the body can work MAGIC, restoring itself to a state of wellness. Whole food, in tablet form, supplements the diet with the nutrients that would be next to impossible to consume. These nutrients are critical building blocks needed by the body to build healthy cells, organs, and glands to optimize the functioning of cells and hormones to maintain wellness.

Results from Systems Survey and Nutrition Exam can help evaluate the following:

  • How Well You Digest and Process Foods
  • How Your Body Handles Blood Sugar
  • How Your Body Processes Essential and Dietary Fats

21-Day Purification Program

Change your habits. Change your life.

Feel great while learning how easy and enjoyable it is to make healthy choices. With the 21-day purification program, you can turn those choices into healthy habits for life. A healthy diet and supplements help the body in the detoxification process of phase 1 and 2 liver detox.