Hear What Some Happy Clients Are Saying

by Jeremy H.

Friendly massage therapist and excellent services. I love that she offers massage therapies tailored to the specific needs of her clients. She is kind, skilled, and attentive! Truly amazing experience!

by Jane A. 

I really love this place and the affordable massage therapy services! Definitely felt like a spa, in the best possible way. I don’t live very close to this studio, but don’t mind making the drive. One of the best massages I’ve ever had!

by Peggy H.

I wanted to get a massage while I was visiting my family. My sister recommended the affordable massage therapy services offered by this reliable massage studio. She has been going there for years. It was an amazing experience for me too. The massage was fantastic! Highly recommend!

by Brook W.

It was such an awesome experience for me, I booked my husband a massage for Father’s Day. He is sometimes hard to please and he had the same great experience. So without hesitation, I recommend this reliable spa massage therapist to everyone in the area!

by Donovan W.

Still my favorite spa massage therapy place after all these years. The therapist is qualified, professional, friendly, and answers the questions gladly. The rates are also great! A super nice relaxing atmosphere and great professional! Strongly recommend!

by Lenard C.

This spa massage therapist exceeded my expectations. The place is super clean, relaxing, and with a spa-like atmosphere. I really liked my experience and will definitely come back for more massage therapies! Highly recommended! 

by Robert C.

Great experience! I took my girlfriend last Sunday for her Birthday. She felt relieved and really relaxed when we left. She struggles with constant neck and back pain due to stress and a cliff jumping accident. The massage therapist made her massage experience one to remember. We will definitely be going back to take advantage of the remarkable massage services! Erin J. Heaps

by Katie W.

A clean massage therapy studio with a very nice therapist. Small facility but a pleasant one and what I like. The services I received were truly amazing! Thank you for helping me get rid of the stress and back pain!

by David S.

This is my second time at this massage therapy center for a pain relief treatment. The therapist is super friendly and so informative about different methods and ingredients that she uses. I will continue to visit! Well worth it!

by Joe O.


Amanda is THE BEST. I had multiple back surgeries over the last year and a half and would not be moving around as well as I am without her help. She often finds spots I didn’t even know were problems, and every visit has left me stronger and closer to walking normally again. I might be an extreme case, but she can help anyone.

by Alayna B.

Wonderful Massage Therapist

Amanda was recommended to me by a massage therapist herself which speaks volumes for her skill. I booked an appointment with her as soon as I could I was in pain and really needing a massage. Amanda whom I had never met before was very professional and accepted me as a new client. My first appointment she listened to where I hurt and listened to my scoliosis story that I’m pretty sure causes my muscle tension and spasms. After an hour she had completely calmed down my muscular system and I got a great night sleep after one of the best massages I have ever had in my life. She went deep but not too deep without making it an uncomfortable experience. I consider myself a client who likes therapeutic full body massages. I don’t like straight deep tissue but I like to have my knots and problem areas worked on so I feel relief afterwards and I always do. I have been rebooking monthly with her and I always leave feeling so much better and walking and moving more normally. I would highly recommend Amanda to friends, family, and strangers. I am someone whose muscles need massages regularly to be able to function. How I feel the day before my appointment and how I feel and sleep after my massage appointment is a day and night difference. Amanda is personable, professional, and uses very specific techniques to tailor to her clients needs.

by E. Rasmussen

I have tried many massage therapists in town, but Amanda is hands down (ha!) the best. She is very good at identifying areas that need extra attention and highly in tune to your body’s response (e.g., if she senses you are in pain, she immediately eases up). I always leave in better condition than before the appointment. There is no one I trust more.

by James

Great Work

I can’t even begin to tell you how much better I feel. I had so much pain in my shoulders and upper back from working out and sitting at a desk. After My session with Amanda it feels much, much better. I’m making this part of my routine.

by Jamie G.


Amanda has helped me so much with my migraines and severe neck pain! I make it a point to see her once a month and have no intentions of changing that anytime soon! Thank you Amanda!

by William R.

Couples massages never appealed to me, but I had a gift certificate and graded my friend there. We both were really pleasantly surprised, they have aromas and music! I will go there again and may be able to get my man there again too.

by Kendall M.

I was in need of a great massage and Amanda delivered! She also was able to fit me in to get tight schedule. Going to be back when ever I need a massage! I feel so much more relaxed!

by Thelma M.


I suffered from severe headaches and chronic back pain, and I had given up hope that I would get better one day. I was so lucky to find this massage studio, they helped me get better! I am very pleased with the services!

by Bob H.

I have been getting massages for the past 30+ years. Because I lead a very active lifestyle I have found it almost necessary to employ the services of a good massage therapist. And I’ve had numerous surgeries as a bullrider, power lifter, Sports enthusiast, etc. everything from a broken neck to a total knee replacement and several other procedures in between including five rotator cuff surgeries three on the left side and two on the right side. So constant attention to good blood circulation and deep tissue massage have become extremely important to me just in order to be comfortable throughout each and every day. I’ve had somewhere around 25 to 30 different massage therapists working on my body over those years and hands-down I would say that Amanda Moon has been by far the most thorough knowledgeable and the massage therapist I have ever been to. I’ve been to massage therapist all over the world including Italy, France, Japan and other places and Amanda has exceeded them all with a very high level of expectation that I had when I first started seeing her. She has done her homework in every facet of knowing and understanding the anatomy and what affects what. I wouldn’t go to anyone else now that I’ve been going to her and I prayed that she never leaves the area or retires from it at least until I am long gone. Needless to say I very highly recommend her to anyone suffering from any body aches and pains as well as for just an ongoing massage therapy Maintenance plan. He so glad to have finally found someone that is as good, experienced, and knowledgeable as Amanda Moon!

by Jamie


I love getting a massage from Amanda. I highly recommend it!

by Jesse L.

Literally the best massage therapist in southeast Idaho. I have been a client of Amanda’s for a couple of years now, and I can always rely one of her 90-minute massage session when my back and neck get very tense. She is very down-to-earth, her professionalism is next to none, along with a clean atmosphere that will leave you refreshed and relaxed after one of her sessions. She truly has hands of a healer. Thanks Amanda for being my serenity when i need it..

by Spence T.


I have known and been a client of Amanda for many years, her knowledge and experience is unmatched. I first had a sciatica nerve that was bothering me, Amanda was about to relieve the pain using a series of massage and manipulation. She is a wonderful massage therapist.

by Wayne D.

I have been one of Amanda’s clients for a few years now, why? Because out of all the masseuses i have been to, I have found Amanda offers the best massage in town, friendly, clean and very competent. Thank you Amanda, your the best.

by Jessica

Total Heaven

Amanda is very kind but hardworking so she can balance the pressure/relaxing aspects of massage effectively. The space is beautiful and inviting, I feel totally comfortable in the space and with Amanda! This is a professional, she is knowledgeable and confident yet calm and caring.

by Claudio A.

The massage therapist was really professional! The place was very clean and nice. They also provide hot towels.

by Ken P.

Great massage! Comfortable very professional super nice space and wonderful massage I would recommend Amanda to anyone needing a massage I will be back!

by Bill D.

I have been a LMT for ten years. Amanda is one of the best massage therapist that I have ever experienced. Amanda’s professionalism is only exceeded by her healing skills and talent. I highly recommend Amanda!

by Rebekah L.

Amanda is an amazing massage therapist and a wonderful human being! Her attention to your massage needs, personal comfort, and satisfaction is incredible! As a health coach I even refer my clients to her when they need to relax and rejuvenate.

by Shyanne S.

60 Mins Of Pure Bliss

There are many options when it comes to what masseuse you can go to. The golden ones are very rare. Amanda Moon is one of the golden ones I am so happy I found her. I have a stand in monthly appointment to go get my massage with Amanda. Hot rocks, deep tissue whatever you may want she is amazing. It is very important to find someone who gets the job done and makes you feel like a million bucks afterwards. I have been to others but no one comes even close to the how good, experience, and amazing Amanda is.

by Lisa Y.

I have been going to Lotus Inspired Wellness for 4 months and she is hands down absolutely the best Massage Therapist I have ever been to. Her studio is very professional and very inviting. We have been working on a neck issue I’ve had for a few months and after every massage my neck feels better and is getting better. Amanda has very reasonable rates and I’d recommend her to anyone and have recommended her to several people. If you are looking for someone to help with health issues or just want to enjoy an awesome massage my recommendations is to make an appointment with Lotus Inspired Wellness right away.

by Carrie

Best Massage Ever!!

Truly the best massage ever. Amanda works to understand your specific needs and creates an environment where you feel safe and comfortable. She has many tools in her kit and she uses them all masterfully. She is the only massage therapist that I will go to. Definitely recommend!!

by Jesse

Great Hands Kind Heart

I had a 90 min massage and felt great after. She is so friendly and honest with her work. I appreciated the time she took to meet my tension with energy work.

by Jessica S.

Absolutely the best massage therapist I have ever had work on me. The thing about Amanda is that she is a beautiful person and it feels safe to be with her. She adjusts the pressure as necessary, when I’ve needed hard work done she does it, but when I needed a lighter touch she fulfilled that as well. Another thing I appreciate about Amanda is her professionalism, she communicates effectively without being harsh or awkward. And for those who understand energy/movement my favorite aspect of being on her table is that I don’t feel her in my “sphere” even though she’s working on me. I appreciate her grace and silence, she’s kind and her hands express this about her. I’ll never go to anyone else and I’m a fairly well-versed recipient of professional massage therapy. The space is inviting and calm, but really warm at the same time. I’m completely comfortable and again I feel safe in the space.

by Josh F.

Amanda is great! I have gone to her for awhile and I would never look anywhere else for a therapist. Thanks Amanda for all you do!